Antique Toys to evoke Christmas Past

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Antique Toys - evoking past Christmases

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When you want to find something that can be considered "one of a kind", it is hard to beat antiques. For Christmas it is the kind of gift you want to give. Collector’s items are in a category by themselves – they have a story to tell of times past.

Such toys are prized all over the world for the stories they tell, and the eras they represent.

Collecting such toys is rewarding, enriching and also great fun. You can find antique toys at specialized online toy collecting web sites, garage sales, flea markets to name a few sources with the potential of discovering a real find at a bargain price.

The seller may not always know how rare the item is that they are offering for sale.

Antiques must – to be considered antique – be at least 50 years old, generally considered those made around WWII or earlier.

Such items could be the cast iron toy fire wagons and trucks, painted, wooden, pull toys, erector sets, some toy soldiers, tinker toys, early American, old board games, some early toy guns, comic characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, old tin wind-ups and so on.

Don’t forget antique dolls – the choice for the youngest girls in the family. Collecting vintage dolls or vintage paper dolls is enjoyed by many, many people today.

Though you may be tempted to just go to the nearest toy store when Christmas rolls around. Remember there are many and varied choices available. There are interesting antiques constantly rediscovered in attics and garages. They find their way to auction sites and other outlets just waiting to be discovered – by you!

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