Bogstad Manor at Christmas


Bogstad Manor at Christmas

At Bogstad Christmas is celebrated with all facilities open to the public. The main building is decorated according to old tradition. The tables are laid, all the candles on the glittering candelabra are lit and the polished copper, brass and pewter are shining in the old kitchen. The house smells of Christmas baking, which can be bought from the museum shop.

Here is the invitation to a special event "Jul på Bogstad"

Velkommen til "Jul på Bogstad" 2009søndag 29.november kl. 12-16, inngang kr. 20,-/30,-Pyntet Hovedbygning - Barnesnekring - Jul i butikken - Møt Bogstad-trollet - Åpen CaféSpis julegrøt på låven - Bål, hygge og salg av ting og tradisjonsmat på Gårdsplassen- Åpent i stall & fjøs

Let us attempt to translate into English:

Welcome to "Christmas at Bogstad" 2009
Sunday November 29, 2009, 12 noon to 4pm.
Entry fee kr. 20 - 30.
The main manor is decorated for Christmas
Children's workshop
Christmas Shop
Meet the Bogstad "Troll"
Open Cafe
Traditional Christmas Porrige at the Barn.
Bonfire, cozy atmosphere and traditional items and traditonal food for sale in the courtyard.
Stable and barn open to the public.

Two large Christmas trees are collected from the manor's own forest and decorated with ornaments from the 1930s and 1830s, respectively. Christmas presents can be bought from the museum shop or from the Christmas fair in the old storehouse.

See pictures here:

Bogstad Manor Christmas