Christmas Gifts under the Tree


Christmas Gifts Under The Tree

For the children who get to celebrate Christmas, Christmas morning is their favorite time of the year.

It’s the time when they get to wake up to experience the joy of finding gifts under the tree. They think the gifts were brought by Santa Clause.

However, Santa Clause is a fantasy. The gifts were actually bought and wrapped by their parents. The Christmas gifts were then placed under the tree during the night while the kids slept.

The children never know how much trouble the parents went through to make sure there were gifts under the tree. They only know they’re there and they can’t wait to open them. Let’s examine how much work the parents have to go through to make sure their kids have enough gifts under the tree to make it a very Merry Christmas.

Black Friday

Everyone knows about Black Friday. This is the day after Thanksgiving and it’s also the busiest shopping day of the year. This is where the malls are crowded to capacity, the stores have things flying off the shelves and it’s the time when the Christmas gift shopping season is in full swing.

The parents have been saving up for this moment. They face the crowds and long lines in order to buy their kids the newest gaming system or game, the newest toy or whatever else the kids have hinted that they wanted.

Many times there are fights amongst parents when the toy they want is in short supply. You even hear sometimes about fights over the last Elmo doll on the shelf, usually resulting in one or both parents getting arrested.

This is craziness but it’s only part of the trouble the parents have to go through to make sure their kids have a good Christmas.

Wrapping And Hiding The Gifts

Once the gifts are bought, the parents have to go through the trouble of wrapping them and then hiding them so that the kids won’t find them.

This requires planning and hard work. If the kids find the gifts before Christmas morning, the surprise will be spoiled and the illusion of Santa Clause may be shattered long before the kids can find out from a school mate the true nature of who Santa really is.

The attic or a closet are usually where the gifts are hidden but you have to be crafty because children are often craftier.

Make Your Own

Some parents don’t want to go through the hassle of buying gifts or they may not have the money to buy everything their kids want.

For these parents, you can always make your own gifts. A Christmas gift basket containing candy or something inexpensive can be a great gift.

It’s sad that if your child goes to school and finds out that all his friends got high priced toys and all he got was a gift basket, he’ll be saddened and probably made fun of.

This is where the custom of Christmas as we celebrate it may need some changing from the commercialized holiday it is today.

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