Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Helping Children Create Cards for Loved Ones

When Christmas time comes around, it’s always nice to teach children that giving is just as important as receiving. A great way to do this is to help your children create cards for family members and close friends.

The project can be as simple or as exuberant as you want, depending on the time and budget you’re working with. But in the end creating a card for everyone on the list is a lot less expensive than purchasing a gift for everyone, something children can’t be expected to do in the first place.

Some Card Ideas

The following ideas are intended for children of all ages! Of course supervision requirements will vary depending on the age of the child/children completing the project.

It’s suggested that before a projects begins, you should help your child create a list of the people they plan to create a for. This will help the child set expectations of the work and fun that lies ahead.

An easily made Christmas greeting card is one made of construction paper. Simply have your child choose their favorite colors for each person they plan to make a card for, and provide crayons, Christmas stickers and some fun ideas on how to decorate the cards!

Encourage drawings of Christmas trees and snowmen, along with “family portraits” and poems.

Another idea is to create a card out of specially purchased card paper. This can be found at stationary and craft stores, and come pre-folded along with envelopes. All that’s needed is decoration! Consider helping your child come up with a standard, loving Christmas greeting that can be typed on a computer and printed to the determined size.

Paste the messages inside the cards, and let your child decorate the card to his or her liking. Suggestions for décor is encouraged, it’s important to let your child complete the project from beginning to end on their own unless otherwise necessary. This will insure a truly heartfelt Christmas card your child can be proud of, and everyone will remember for years to come.

Tips for Decorating

Some things you should make sure are available for you child’s Christmas card project are glue, glitter, colored pens, crayons, colored pencils, stickers and other imaginative items such as cotton balls (to create snow).

Be creative, and ask your child for input. Most times, their creativity can carry the entire project!

Christmas Card

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