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Christmas Decorations

Adoring and Adorning:
Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. There are many reasons why there is so much truth in this statement.

First of all, Christmas is a celebration of love, goodwill to all and the giving of gifts to those whom we appreciate. In addition, Christmas is synonymous with family. This means that families try to get together during the special time or at least think fondly of fellow family members.

To celebrate the specialness of the holiday there are many traditions that are followed. Some of those traditions include the singing of Christmas carols, parties and exchanging of Christmas cards.

In addition, decorations add to the festivities. Some of those festive occasions include decorating the home and the Christmas tree.

Decorating The Home

The home is the centerpiece of the family and therefore with Christmas being such a family holiday decorations are an integral part of the celebration. Some decorate with Christmas cards. These Christmas cards can be displayed in the entrance ways within the home.

Another popular decoration is centered on the fireplace. Often the mantle is adorned with tinsel, candles or other decorations placed on the shelf. Also, many choose to hang their Christmas stocking from the mantle piece.

Decorating The Tree

In addition to decorating a home the Christmas tree is a focal point. Often, Christmas decorations that are used to decorate the trees include an angel or star at the top of the tree, ornaments, lights, tinsel, a tree skirt and lots of presents underneath the tree. All of these decorations symbolize some aspect of the true meaning of Christmas.

One of more meaningful Christmas decorations that are placed on the tree is the first Christmas ornament that was placed by the family on their first tree. Examples of this first Christmas ornament could be the first ornament purchased or made by a married couple and placed on their first tree. Or, the ornament could be each of the children’s pictures crafted onto a homemade ornament.

These ornaments are especially meaningful because they represent a significant circumstance or happening within the life of the family. In addition, when that particular family member or the family as a whole places that ornament on the tree, it helps to enhance the value of family during this special time of year.

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