Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Adorning The Tree:

There are many wonderful and festive traditions associated with the holiday season. Some of those traditions include decorating the outside area or home with Christmas lights, hanging Christmas cards in the entry of the home, the exchanging of Christmas gifts, to name a few.

In addition, probably the most traditional of all Christmas decorations is the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree can be uninspiring if it is not decorated.

Often those decorations include Christmas lights, tinsel, an angel at the top of the tree and the indispensable ornaments.

Christmas ornaments are popular for many reasons. Some of the reasons for their popularity include the way they can be personalized as they adorn the tree.

The Meaning Of Holiday Ornaments

Ornaments hung from a Christmas tree symbolize the true meaning of this time of the year. Specifically, the first ornaments were either food or items made from food. The symbolism of these food items were a representation of the creator's provision for his people. Some of the foods included were various types of fruits, nuts, or baked items like cookies.

Some of the first ornaments were candles. These candles often were thought to symbolize the light of the world.

Personalized Ornaments

The traditional ornaments capture and represent the meaning of Christmas. Then there are personal ornaments. Often these personal ornaments capture a specific time in the family’s life or represent a special occasion. They are meant to personalize that particular family’s Christmas and serve to invoke fond memories for the family’s celebration.

Some of these personalized ornaments could include the pictures of the family’s children. Often a personalized ornament can be crafted that takes the picture of the child and pieces together that photo with a handcrafted ornament.

Often, when the ornaments are brought out to decorate the Christmas tree, that particular family member can hang their own ornament or it can be done together as a family.

This tradition can be a very moving experience as it is performed year after year.

Another idea for a personalized ornament can be an ornament that symbolizes a marriage. This particular ornament may have been purchased for the first Christmas together to adorn the tree.

Therefore, year after year, that same ornament can be placed on the tree and the symbolism can represent the love between the couple and the enduring bond.

Christmas Ornament Ideas

Christmas Ornaments

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