Christmas Tree Decorating

A Guide to Christmas Tree Decorating

The process of tree decorating is one that really does not have to be difficult, and more than anything you should make sure that it is fun and enjoyable.

Whether you are Christmas tree decorating on your own, with your partner or your entire family, it is important that you put your own personality and flair into it.

Here is a guide to tree decorating, to help get you started if you have never decorated a tree before and give you some great tips and ideas if you have.

Getting Started

Of course to get started you are going to need to go out and get all of the decorations. The best idea is going to be for you to make a list of what you need before going out looking for them, mainly just to save yourself time and hassle.

Lights are usually one of the first things that people decorate their trees with. You can find Christmas tree lights in all different shapes and colors – some people like to stick to the basic gold or white while others want a rainbow of colors shining from off their tree.

Christmas tree ornaments are essential for proper tree decorating. From snowmen and angels to Santa Claus and Rudolph, you can find whatever ornaments you want. There is also the option of making your own, and you can come up with some really creative and innovative ornaments for very little cost.

The garland is also important to tree decorating. There are really no firm rules when it comes to draping garlands on a tree, but you should start at the top, stringing less garland and work your way down, increasing the amount of garland as you do so.

There are even some fantastic bead garlands that you can find, which add a bit of pizzazz to the basic Christmas tree.

You should use a variety of garlands, everything from plain to fancy, if you want the most well balanced and fun look. Generally, for every vertical foot of tree you should use about two strands of garland.

Decorating your Christmas tree should be fun and enjoyable more than anything, and it is something that you should do with your family and friends.

Christmas is the most joyous time of year, and although decorating the tree is an event that is usually done Christmas Eve, you can really do it whenever you want.

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Christmas Tree Decorating

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