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Christmas Tree Choices On The Farm

A Christmas tree farm is a great way to pick your tree for the holiday season, and make great memories in the process. Tree farms can be overwhelming because they provide so many options, and most visitors know little about which ones a right for them. From different sizes, to different kinds of trees, to different prices—all play a role in the tree-choosing process. Knowing more about these factors can be helpful in making a final decision.

The Perfect Size

Determining how big you want your Christmas tree to be can be difficult—especially when you are at a tree farm. It is hard to tell how large a tree will appear in your house when you are looking at it in its natural location.

First determine the height of the room you will be placing the tree in. Standard room heights are eight feet. Next, subtract one foot depending on whether or not you will be placing a tree topper ornament (such as a star or angel) on the top of your tree. Also subtract a half of a foot to account for the Christmas tree stand. Finally, take into account that you will be removing the bottom of the tree and add half of a foot to the final height. The resulting number is the ideal size that you should look for at the Christmas tree farm!

All Shapes And Kinds

Much of choosing a tree from a tree farm depends on the choosers personal preferences. Christmas trees come in many shapes, and some people like a certain one better than others. Whether it is bulky or slender and whether it is symmetrical or asymmetrical depends on who is choosing the tree.

The kind of tree that you purchase at a tree farm also depends on what is aesthetically pleasing to you. Some people prefer fir trees, others prefer pine trees. Usually, a tree farm will have several sections, each dedicated to a different kind of tree. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing the type of tree you will have.

Make It Your Own

Christmas tree farms help to facilitate originality and creativity when it comes to finding a tree. Even after you make all the tough decisions, many tree farms have Christmas shops that allow you to purchase Christmas tree lights and decorations. Selecting your own tree from a farm will make the entire holiday more personal, and it will leave you with lasting memories.

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