Christmas Tree Lights


Christmas Tree Lights

There are many family traditions around Christmas time. One of the most fun and heart warming ones is decorating the tree together as a family. Some families have special tree lights and decorations that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Others have a tradition of giving each family member a new ornament every year. Still other families make their Christmas tree ornaments. There is no right or wrong way to add pizzazz to a Christmas tree, just so long as the end result is something to be proud of!

Shine On

The number of tree lights used when decorating the Christmas tree varies from family to family. Some prefer a lot of lights on their tree, while others prefer fewer. As a rule of thumb, most people use 100 lights per foot of tree. For example, if the tree is seven feet tall, then you will want to put about 700 lights on the tree. Give or take 50 lights depending on what you like best.

Another dilemma for Christmas tree decorators is the color of lights. This is again, a matter of personal preference. Some people like the classy look of plain white lights, while others like the colored or multi colored lights. Personal preference and family tradition should play a role in this choice.

Originally, of course, the lights were simply candles fastened in metal clips to light the tree. These had a charm all their own, and it is difficult for anything electric or electronic to equal their warm flickering charm. But with the candles came the danger of fire, so electric lights have the advantage of being far safer.

While for a long time Christmas tree lights came only in the inch long egg shaped bulb, there are now a variety of shapes and sizes. Mini lights are now available, as are lights shapes like snowmen, stars, and Santa Claus. Bubble lights, which are small lights encased in a base, are also popular. These lights are placed above a tube of colored liquid, and when the lights are turned on a bubbly effect occurs.

New And Technologically Improved

New technology has made Christmas tree lights even better than they were before! Now, LED lights are available to consumers. These use much less energy and are more environmentally friendly.

Another option made available by technology is lights with special effects—flashing lights, twinkling lights, fade in fade out lights, and patterns. Small computer chips and special bulbs make lights like these possible.

Simply Splendid

The lights that you put on the Christmas tree may not seem like an important decision, but it can dramatically change the appearance of the tree and define new and old traditions for the entire family.

Christmas Tree Lights