Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament -
How to make your own

Of course you can just go out and buy anything that you need for Christmas, including your tree ornaments, but have you ever considered making your own ornament? The process is really quite quick and simple, and as long as you have a bit of patience you can make a fabulous Christmas ornament.

Getting Started

If you would like to make your own tree ornament, the first thing you are going to have to do is decide what type of ornaments you want to make. There are angel ornaments, snowmen ornaments, tree ornaments, joy and noel ornaments, and Santa Claus ornaments, just to give a few ideas.

Angel Ornaments

The angel Christmas ornament is especially popular, because it is so beautiful and reminiscent of this wonderful time of year. All you need is a clothespin, a couple of bows, and some glitter and a permanent marker.

To create the ornament you simply glue on a bow to the clothespin as a bow in the angel’s hair, dot a couple of eyes on with the permanent marker, add some glitter for her dress, and you are finished. Of course you can make a more extravagant angel ornament but this is just a very basic pattern to get you started.

Christmas Tree Ornament

The tree ornament is of course one of the favorites. Also very simple, all you really need for this pattern is assorted 2mm craft foam, a pencil or pen, scissors or craft knife, foam glue, assorted hole punches, a black permanent marker and assorted ribbon and braid trims.

Now it really all depends on you and the type of tree that you would like to make, as well as what sort of decorations you would like to put on the tree. Your options are almost endless here, and you can make tons of different Christmas ornaments from using colored cardboard paper, glitter and ribbons alone.

Once you have your Christmas tree ornament completed you can hang it on your outdoor Christmas tree and show it off to your family and friends. Or you may want to make some to give out as gifts during the holiday season because this is what Christmas is really all about.

Regardless of which specific type of ornaments you decide to make, creativity is the most important thing here, so make sure that you put your own flair into it.

If you don't want to make your own ornaments

There are other options, here are two ornaments from Bing and Grondahl in Denmark:

Christmas Tree Ornament