Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas Tree Skirts

Solve the dilemma of how to cover up the base of the Christmas Tree?

We have the perfect solution, a fine Lenox Skirt - something you will use this year, hide away for the next Christmas, and the one after that. It is only one suggestion, you will of course decide on one that fits your tree and your decor.

The purposes of the such skirts are to cover the frequently unattractive metal christmas tree stand and the water reservoir.

The water reservoir is to keep the tree from shedding too many needles during the christmas season. We assume you have a natural tree - most desired both for the look and the attractive smell that only a natural tree can give.

You will find that the tree skirt depicted on this page is decorated with the classic items of ribbons and holly and ivy, the most enduring christmas decorative touches.

The elegant design is a starting point, giving you something to ponder in the decision process of coming to the christmas tree skirt that will grace the bottom of your tree - the one that will become part of your family's special memories in years to come.

Remember the dual function - covering up a (usually) unattractive tree stand, and providing an extra dash of color complementing the green of the tree and that of the white or colored lights. It can allow a lot of the falling needles to collect on the skirt, making cleanup after the holidays quite a bit easier.

Not all tree skirts are the same size, it is important to know what size is right for you before you purchase (or make one).

Your tree skirt should approximate the width of the tree branches, or be just slightly larger.

You want to avoid accidents - so keep in mind that the tree skirt should not protrude into areas areas where people will be walking.

Christmas Tree Skirts

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