Danish Christmas 2011

Danish Christmas 2011 - Designs from Denmark

This Christmas (2010/2011) there will be a Danish Christmas 2010 shop at the Copenhagen Airport, for the convenience of holiday travelers.

The store will offer seasonal decorations from famous Danish designers, three of which attended the shop’s opening: Oda Wiedbrecht, who specializes in paper crafts; Jette Frølich, whose latest collection is based on the lightness of feathers; and Ole Kortzau, who presented his Karen Blixen-inspired Christmas decorations designed for Rosendal, most of them in silver or gold plate.

Copenhagen Airports vice-president sales Carsten Nørland said the Danish Christmas atmosphere and the many traditions are "very popular" among passengers, who use Christmas decorations for gifts in the months before Christmas.

He added: "Copenhagen airport is the gateway to Scandinavia and represents the best of Danish design and architecture. The Christmas shop mirrors Scandinavian handicraft traditions and quality, which many of our passengers want to take with them on their journeys."

One merchandise manager Martin Graae said: "We are all very excited about showing some of the Scandinavian Christmas traditions to our international guests at Copenhagen airport.

This year, we focus on elements from the forest, such as pine trees, mushrooms and acorns. A new feature this year is unglazed porcelain, which is in contrast to the frosty blue shades which are the backbone of the exhibition."

To international travelers one of the most exciting collections will be the Karen Blixen Jul Collection – by Rosendahl Denmark

When the Christmas tree was lit at Rungstedlund, (Karen Blixen [aka Isak Dinesen]'s home, now a museum) the candlelight would reflect in the shiny decorations, giving the room a very special glow. Karen Blixen's Jul is designed by Ole Kortzau, who has used flowers as an inspiration for the various parts of the series of Christmas ornaments and decorations.

The gold or silver-plated Christmas stars, candles and ornaments are beautiful for the tree, window, on the mantelpiece or can become part of a Scandinavian table decoration. For every piece sold, a donation is made towards new exhibitions at the Karen Blixen Museum in Rungstedlund, Denmark.

Danish Christmas 2011

The designer Ole Kortzau has created Rosendahl’s new line of beautiful holiday decorations bearing the name of "Karen Blixen's Jul (Christmas)". His major inspiration is nature, and about his designs he has this to say:

Amorphous forms and the play of light on the surface of the materials attract me. The associations with Danish culture and nature are the source of my inspiration. The forms are always based on my perception of nature's own without reproducing them in photographic detail.

In my work with the series "Karen Blixen’s Jul" I have been inspired by the things we associate with Christmas – in Danish "Jul". The star is not exactly symmetrical, as stars tend to be. The braided heart wreaths reflect something with its own life, as when we braid living plants in the summertime. The angel resembles a little girl at bedtime. The light flower is a greeting from nature, as is the Christmas tree, giving hope that spring and summer will come again. The idea for the candle holder for the tree originated from the thought of a flower on a long stem, balancing the candle. (picture on this page)

Karen Blixen loved to surround herself with flowers, so that became a theme running through the whole series.

Design must never get too calculated and rational. I feel best when there is a reference to deeper roots and a genuine story to tell. (Loosely translated from the Danish)

Danish Christmas 2011

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