First Christmas Ornament


A Christmas Tree Adorned With Memories:
First Christmas Ornament

Christmas is typically a time for children. This is because the holiday surrounds the story of the jolly elf from the North Pole, the story of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, etc.

In addition, Christmas Eve is an enchanting time when children leave a glass of milk and a plate of cookies out for the visitor from the North Pole. Often, children find difficulty in falling asleep this night. In addition, as tradition has it, if the child has been good they will be rewarded with a stocking full of goodies and presents under the tree from Santa.

Also, Christmas time is magical for the couple who celebrates Christmas for the first time as parents. There is something wonderful and warm about that first child’s Christmas. In fact many traditions can swirl around that first special holiday.

Some of those traditions surround that first ornament. Specifically, in regards to children, there are many ideas that can be utilized to make baby’s first Christmas ornament. Some of those ideas could be the use of some memorable item or baby’s first picture.

Memorable Item

There are many Christmas traditions that families follow year after year after year. For example one of those traditions could include the opening of Christmas gifts. Specifically some family traditions allow for the opening of one gift on Christmas Eve and the remaining gifts can all be opened by the family members on Christmas day.

Another Christmas tradition can be in the reading of a Christmas book leading up to Christmas Day. Or another tradition that can be followed by the family is an advent calendar.

One other meaningful Christmas tradition is the hanging of the first Christmas ornament. Often, when the tree is purchased or brought out from storage the decorating of the tree begins. Generally, the lights are put on the tree and the garland is placed.

Following this initial trimming of the tree, the first ornament ever made or purchased by the family is then placed on the tree. This tradition symbolizes not only the family unity and commitment to each other but symbolizes the blessings of life and the love of each family member towards the others.

Baby’s First Ornament

Another wonderful tradition to symbolize the importance of family is the hanging of baby’s first ornament. Generally, after the family’s first Christmas ornament is placed on the tree then each of the children in the family place their first ornament ever made.

Often, these ornaments could be the baby picture of that particular child in the family placed on a crafted ornament. Or, the ornament could be comprised of a special item that symbolizes the specialness of that child in the family. Some of those items could include a handmade snowflake by the child, an imprint of their hand, a copy of their first shoe, etc.

First Christmas Ornament