Karen Blixens Jul - Karen Blixen's Christmas

Karen Blixens Jul - Karen Blixen's Christmas

This Rosendahl collection is called “Karen Blixen’s Jul”, meaning Karen Blixen’s Christmas. Karen Blixen was the Danish author that after Hans Christian Andersen left indelible marks on literature, not just in Denmark but worldwide.

If you have ever read any of Karen Blixen’s books (her pen name was Isak Dinesen), you will be thrilled to discover these treasures commemorating Christmas at her house at Rungstedlund, Denmark. In fact part of the proceeds will go to fund new exhibits at her Rungstedlund home, now a museum.

The new Christmas designs will make a beautiful addition to your own Christmas collection. Treasures that you are happy to display this year, then store and unpack and display again each time a new Christmas season is here.

Naturally, the designer Ole Kortzau has remained faithful to the style which has characterized the series in the past. The 2010 collection consists of delicate reproductions of Christmas motifs, made with an incredible eye for detail.

Hang them on the Christmas tree, in the window, as Christmas decorations, over table or the door. They may be small, but the hearts, the wreath, the holly leaves and candle holders contribute enormously to the Christmas spirit.

Below are some of the items available in the U.S. if you are not fortunate enough to live in Denmark and can buy them at your local department store.

Each item is linked so that you can access the information needed to purchase the treasure that appeals to you personally.

Karen Blixens Jul

A Christmas candle reflected in silver casts sharp, clear colors back into the room and the eye of the beholder.

The calming effect of the candle glow sets the scene for reflection and contemplation, and peace and tranquility helping to evoke the Christmas spirit in warm shades throughout the month of December.

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