Norwegian Christmas Carols

Norwegian Christmas Carols

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The Norwegian Christmas Songs (norske julesanger) on this cassette were recorded live in the well known Norwegian-American church popularly called the "66th Street Church". Technical perfection is not claimed, but the atmosphere is unmistakable.

Alas, the services in Norwegian that were a continuous feature for many, many years are now a thing of the past. How fortunate then to have this record of the sound of Rolf Reinertsen’s organ playing and the soloist’s voice given resonance by the acoustics of the sanctuary.

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Those who attended the “Vi synger julen inn” services (directly translated: “We sing in Christmas”) - over the years will never forget them - these occasions will be treasured among the warmest Christmas memories. The singer and organist on this tape were both participants in this popular yearly event in the weeks leading up to Christmas. You will hear the organ music accompanying the baritone soloist in some of the best known Norwegian Christmas songs.

Consider the cassette a nostalgic souvenir of the ambiance of one of the best known and best loved Norwegian-American churches in Brooklyn.

Here is a list of the songs - in Norwegian:

Jeg er så glad hver julekveld
Deilig er jorden
Kimer I klokker
Jeg synger julekvad
Her kommer dine arme små
Deilig er den himmel blå
Det kimer nå til julefest
Glade jul
Du grønne glitrende tre
Et barn er født I Betlehem
No koma Guds englar med helsing
Nu vandrer fra hver en verdenskrok
O Jul med din glede

To purchase the tape you may write to:

Nordic Records, Box 130, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10101-0130

$10.00 postpaid, while supplies last.

Norwegian Christmas Carols

Rolf Reinertsen, Organist