Spirit of Christmas Past

The Spirit of Christmas Past

When the Spirit of Christmas paid a visit to Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ his intention was to treat that stonyhearted gentleman to an experience he would never forget.

In evoking the identical Spirit the Nimbus Company is displaying the same intention towards the listening public; but this time, in sharp contrast to the case of Scrooge, the experience can hardly fail to be one of undiluted pleasure.

You are invited to be a guest at a Christmas party, an event which, to maintain the Dickensian parallel, echoes not the old miser’s dark night of the soul, but rather the joyous festivities laid on for Mr. Pickwick and his friends.

There they were entertained to a Christmas carol sung by the genial Mr. Wardle, ‘in a good, round sturdy voice’. Nimbus can justly claim to have gone one better – listeners to this disc will be entertained by a couple of dozen of the best, roundest and sturdiest voices ever to be gathered together under one yuletide roof.

When dinner is over and singing time begins, who better to get the ball rolling than that most convivial of tenors, John McCormack? In his rendering of “Adeste Fideles” we hear it expressed with all the ease and smoothness of emission which made him such a successful singer of Italian opera, not to mention his beloved Irish songs. Many other famous names are to be found on this album – check out the list: You will find Caruso, Destinn, Lehmann, Ponselle, Gluck, and Gigli, to name a few.

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Spirit of Christmas Past