The Tomten by Astrid Lindgren

The Tomten

A Christmas Story - he is also called Jul-tomten.

This outstanding book by the author of Pippi Longstocking

--and winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award--

has been called a "picture book of rare distinction" by the Chicago Tribune. Full color. One reviewer had this to say:

I have loved this book for over 40 years.

The copy I have was printed in Sweden a long time ago but I am very glad that this story is available as a nicely affordable paperback because it's such a sweet and comforting tale that lots of children will love.

The beautiful illustrations capture perfectly the crisp, cold, snowy atmosphere of a still winter's night as Tomten, a small spirit and guardian of a humble farm homestead goes about on his secret rounds doing his caretaker duties in his gentle, loving way.

He whispers encouragement to the sleeping animals and children.

He has seen many hundreds of winters and so he knows that "winters come and winters go, summers come and summers go" and the wheel of the year turns on and on.

I encourage you to read this to children to help them feel safe and cozy and snug in their beds on a cold, dark winter's night...

maybe try it this Winter Solstice and be sure to keep a look-out for tiny footprints in the snow around your home.

The Tomten

The Tomte or Nisse Traditions