How I built this site

How I built this site

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You may have been wondering how I built this site, how it came to be, and that is why you are on this page.

Among the fondest memories of my childhood is growing up on a small farm in southern Norway.

By an accident of fate my brother and I had the good fortune of being placed in the care of a wonderful woman who owned a small farm.

Of all the seasons of the year, the Christmas season was the most magical.

The snow would be deep, generally arriving in October, and by Christmas the skiing was good - and that was how we went to school. On skis!

How to tell this story was always in the back of my mind. I now live in the metropolis of Manhattan, an environment totally different from that of my childhood.

Still, I was looking for a way to express some of the magic of Christmas in Scandinavia.

Then I discovered a company offering an all-in-one approach to putting together a website. All the technical things were taken care of, I did not have to worry about the technical stuff at all.

Easy to follow instructions told me the most important thing was to know my subject. That part was easy.

So, enjoy my Christmas website, and if you want to create a website of your own on a subject near and dear to your heart, I recommend the company that helped me.

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